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How to Go from Data Management to Marketing Intelligence - Raviv Turner


Listen in for another great episode, this time with Raviv Turner, CEO at CaliberMind.  In addition to being the Co-Founder & CEO of CaliberMind, Raviv is also an angel investor and mentor at Techstars and a regular speaker at marketing & AI events.

We're talking about how he sees a disconnect between Demand (buyers) & Ops (users) of data & analytics platform.  For a full transcript, go to the Heinz Marketing blog.  

Some highlights:

  • Your data strategy is your B2B growth strategy (quick overview of the paper)
  • Without a clear and concise data-driven marketing strategy, B2B marketers lack the ability to effectively acquire, organize, analyze and translate customer information into actionable insights. But what does an effective B2B data-driven marketing strategy look like?
  • Understanding what needs to be accomplished is the first step in developing an effective data-driven marketing strategy. For B2B data-driven marketers, a top priority is basing more decisions on data analysis.
  • Most Critical Challenges? Integrating data across platforms and enriching data quality and completeness are the most critical challenges to achieving data-driven marketing success 
  • Marketing data is a marketing problem! Not devs, not IT - 100% marketing
  • But data is hard, data is not sexy - so marketing is pushing it out - over 90% of B2B marketers outsourcing all or part of data tasks (Ascend2)
  • But high performing marketers are doing the opposite, they license data and analytics tools and train their team to bring data capabilities in house
  • Most of the reasons why marketing can't prove value and impact are data-related, yet we prefer to outsource this - lead qualification, ICP score, account scoring, lead routing are all data problems before they are marketing problems.
  • To be successful with ABM you need - Data, Account Planning, Content, Execution, and Measurement - yes ABM is a data challenge, not a media challenge...
  • No wonder that marketing and sales ops are spending more than 80% of their time in spreadsheet hell on marketing data wrangling, exporting/ importing, lookups in Excel whatnot
  • There is a disconnect between the C/VPs and Ops inside the marketing org - Demand looks at pipeline sourced/ influenced/ ops created - but Ops don't give a hoot about it, they care about operational efficiency, workflow automation, the data integrity - they want to get out of spreadsheet, but guess what? - most ops don't have the budget to solve this problem, the biggest budget is demand and that budget mostly goes to programs, not to data and analytics - but guess what? Without data and analytics, you can't measure programs, you can't multi-touch attribution, you can't track engagement and orchestrate demand between that's changing, according to Gartner for the first time in 2018 analytics is the biggest spend in Marketing, more than social, more than content - why? Because without data and analytics we are going to see marketers continue to lose their jobs and go home

Sell Like A Girl - Jill Konrath Talks about Making More Sales in Less Time


Jill Konrath joins Matt Heinz to talk about her latest book, More Sales, Less Time.   She also discusses her famous line: Sell Like A Girl. 

Jill Konrath’s career is defined by her relentless search for fresh strategies that actually work in today’s sales world.

Listen in to hear how someone with a Bachelors in Education ended up getting into sales, let alone becoming a keynote speaker in one of the world's preeminent sales offices.

Jill shares some great insights including the inspiration behind her books. 

"It starts with a problem. It always starts with a problem and in every case and every book I've written it started with a problem that I faced. And when I face it initially, I get really discouraged and I bat my head against the wall and say, oh I'm so stupid. I can't figure it out and then I finally realize that it's not just my problem, but other people are struggling with that issue, too. And then I go to work and it becomes like a puzzle to me and how to solve it. So, I actually dig in and wrestle with the material myself til I can figure out what works today. And then, again I guess because I do come from teaching roots it's real important for me to make it easy for people to understand.


"When people are this busy, you have to fundamentally shift how you do things in order to peak your curiosity, make them stop and listen and actually then respond to you and say, hey I'm interested in learning more."


"One thing I always try to stress with people is that they really need to stop and think about what they're doing and they need to strive for maximum impact in every single customer interaction and that customer interaction may be a 20 second email message. Maybe a 60 word ... or 20 second phone message, a 60 word email message, you know, but what can you do to have the maximum impact and I think way too many people in sales just say, make more, do more, send more, have more meetings. But, to me the smartest thing to do is ensure that every single interaction provides some value and moves you toward things"

Keep listening to hear Jill's perspective about women in sales and a lot more! 

Read the entire transcription on the Heinz Marketing Blog 

The State of B2B Content: What’s Working, Failing & What’s Next


We are very excited to have with us Mark Nardone, Executive Vice President at PAN Communications.  At Heinz Marketing we were honored to partner with PAN Communications on their well known and regarded annual Content Fitness Report. Mark will talk a little bit about where the report came from and discuss key highlights.

The Content Fitness Report contains insights that have the potential to influence decision-making and strategy for marketers across the industry. This year’s survey touched on topics like content integration and executive thought leadership – areas that have continued to influence customers and prospects for both of our agencies. I’m excited I was able to collaborate with PAN as they celebrate six years of delivering consistent, impactful content marketing insights.

Get the free 2019 content Fitness Report HERE

Read more about Mark here.  

The full transcription of this episode will be our blog starting Monday, 8/5/19 6am PST.  

Joe Hyland’s Advice: It’s Never About You

You can also read the transcript (and listen to this episode) on the Heinz Marketing Blog 


Listen in on a great discussion about Integrated Marketing.  Joe believes marketing (and economics) are about the audience and never about you.  Find out how a Government Major ended up in B2B Marketing and if he cares about events like Webinar World making money or not.  

Listen to the end to learn who has inspired and influenced Joe in his marketing career.   

As CMO, Joe Hyland is responsible for driving the global marketing, communication and brand strategy for ON24. He has over a decade of experience creating and marketing innovative products in the enterprise and SaaS software markets. Before joining ON24, Hyland was the CMO at Taulia, the SaaS market-leading financial supply chain company. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College.


The Power and Pitfalls of Commercial Insights


This week our own Josh Baez, Marketing Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing joins us in an episode called, "The Power and Pitfalls of Commercial Insights"

We talk about (among other things):

  • The importance of research and commercial insights in the market today and some best practices and related pitfalls  
  • What goes into creating good research (valid research that can stand up)
  • Statistical significance
  • Creation of content
  • Promotion of content
  • When you get it done, what do you do with it to get the most out of it and to have the best impact on your business
  • Context
  • Curiosity

Read the full transcription on the Heinz Marketing blog.  

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From Investment Banker to CRO: Lessons about Career Pivots and Managing Pipelines


We were thrilled this last time to talk to Jerry Brooner, chief revenue officer for Scout RFP, in an episode called, "From Investment Banker to CRO: Lessons about Career Pivots and Managing Pipelines". 

We talk about sales and marketing working together, everything from objectives to function to culture. We also talk about the complexity and the historical pain inherent in the RFP and sourcing opportunities as well as how to balance growing in your career, giving back.... and more!  

The full transcript will be on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting 7/29/19 at 6am PT.  

Telling the Story of Terminus from Lauren Patrick the Storyteller


Listen in when we'll discuss The Power of Storytelling in B2B Marketing. Host Matt Heinz talks with Lauren Patrick about:

  • How Terminus led the charge into ABM
  • Why storytelling is an important function of branding for startups
  • Why aligning content to every stage of the customer journey is so important
  • Why Customers don’t care about you until you care about them
  • Defining a Revenue Focused Marketer
  • Why people want to hear stories they care about

 Lauren Patrick, Storyteller at Terminus.  

Lauren Patrick is the Storyteller at Terminus, and Editor at  She was employee #12 at Terminus, the leader of the account-based marketing (ABM) movement. Lauren joined the company in 2015 right after they raised their seed round. Today, the company has more than 120 employees, 400 customers, and rapidly growing. Lauren is a graduate of the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication and she discovered her passion for niche marketing during her time as editor of UGA's newspaper, The Red & Black. Before coming into the digital world, she worked for print publications Gwinnett Daily Post, Jezebel Magazine,, plus managing the Services category for RaceTrac Convenience Stores. 

How to Create 24,000 Demos a Year – An Exact Roadmap



Our guest is Henry Schuck, co-founder, and CEO of DiscoverOrg, the leading sales, and marketing intelligence platform. Under Henry's leadership, DiscoverOrg continues its exponential growth path,

What to expect: Journey to 24k Demos/Year from the SDR team:

  • Implemented new hiring methods
  • Created new inbound/outbound team structure
  • Better aligned SDR team w/ Marketing
  • Invested in new Marketing leadership
  • The tech stack:  Highest quality data available remained the foundation
  • SDR incentives:  competitions, awards, clear career path Created a culture of “No politics. No B.S.  No a-holes
  • ”Challenged SDRs to become 1% better each day
  • Bring  Finance team in as an accountability partner
  • Metrics:  What we look for from inbound and outbound teams
  • Henry’s involvement: from “When it’s bad” to “When it can get better”
  • Personal attention, mentorship, and encouragement are all key to keeping the team on track
  • Encourages the rest of the team to stay accountable, hold one another accountable
  • Why being paranoid when it’s good….is good
  • Need to ensure repeatability of excellence
  • The results:  24,000 demos booked in a single year

About Henry Schuck:

Henry Schuck is a leading entrepreneur in sales intelligence and lead generation. Having founded DiscoverOrg in 2007 when he was 23, he has led the company on a rapid growth path including funding investments from the likes of TA Associates, Goldman Sachs BDC, FiveW Capital, and NXT Capital.

Under Henry’s leadership, DiscoverOrg built the industry’s most accurate, highest-quality contact database, through a mix of technology and a team of live researchers who continually call into thousands of IT, marketing, HR, and finance departments. DiscoverOrg was recognized for the quality of its datasets with both a Stevie® and a CODIE award. It was also named a Leader and ranked Number One in customer service by G2 Crowd.

Before founding DiscoverOrg, Henry managed marketing and research at iProfile leading the company to a successful private equity sale.

He is a cum laude graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he was selected in 2013 as the Honors College Alumni of the Year. He also holds a Juris Doctorate degree cum laude from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and has studied comparative law at Oxford University. He is a licensed attorney in Washington and Nevada.


Sales Truth: Blunt, No Nonsense Advice from Mike Weinberg


This time we have one of the most famous, one of the most, in my perspective, inspirational sales authors, speakers in the circuit today, Mike Weinberg, who is the author of New Sales Simplified and the new book Sales Truth.  I'm calling this one Sales Truth: Blunt, No Nonsense Advice from Mike Weinberg

One of the things I've always really appreciated about his content and approach is that it is no-nonsense. It is no spin. It is direct to the truth.  Plus, we talk some sports too!

Listen in now and/or read the full transcript on our blog starting Monday, 7/8 at 6 am pst.  

I keep reading ...everything in sales has changed and that nothing that used to work still works today. That's the furthest thing from the truth I can imagine.

4 Skills Needed to Make it in Sales Management – Maureen Ezekwugo Podcast


Maureen Ezekwugo, Executive Vice President of Doctor Community and RealSelf. is interviewed by host Matt Heinz. Get pointers on how to take your sales career to the next level. Points to include:

  • Where to start if you want to take your sales career to the next level
  • Four traits or skills needed to make it in sales management.
  • How to position yourself for the next opportunity to advance your sales career.

If you don't know Maureen yet, here's a bit about her: Entrepreneurial senior sales management and operations leader with a record of achievement and demonstrated success driving customer acquisition and multimillion-dollar sales growth in an inside sales and call center.